SIRA Nozul Kamera DVR Özellikleri
1 Mini dvr SD card video recorder board is a high-performance, high-definition digital video recorder; board is 60*45mm. It adapts MPEG-4 video compression, and single channel resolution  up to D1(704*576), 30fps, is a fully real-time, high-definition, low power consumption, easy-operated, super-smart professional DVR.
2 It supports power-up record, motion detect record, scheduled record, and manual record, SD card up to 32GB expandable, and directly playback by TV sets, monitor, and PC by SD card reader.
3MPEG-4 Video Compression
4D1(704*576) Resolution
5MPEG-4/ASF Video Format, MP3 Audio Format
6Real-time Stamp on Videos, Overwrite
7Manual/motion Detect/scheduled/power-up Record
8Audio input, Audio Compression 8KHZ/ADPCM
95/15/30fps Optional
10SDHC Memory Support, Up to 32GB
11TV-out Enables Better Resolution by TV Set
12MPEG-4/ASF Playback
13AV-IN, AV-OUT Directly Connect with Camera, TV, Monitor
14Support IR Remote Operation, Built-in ADC for External Keyboards
15Support Manually Snapshot, Auto Record by Triggering Port
16Built-in RS232 Series Port, Enables External Remote, Keyboard for Operation and Software Set-up
175-35V for Wide Power Supply Use
18Low Power-consumption, 1W when Standby, 2W when Recording
19Electronic Dog Ensures Normal Working